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How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Silk Curtains?

Silk is a fabric that has a shiny, smooth, and silky appearance. As silk curtains are not wrinkle resistant, so you may want to know how to get wrinkles out of silk curtains to get a creased free surface of your curtains.The reasons behind the wrinkles on these curtains can be diverse, but they often come in tight packing and result in creases on the silky surface. While another factor is that you can wash them in the washer or even by hand, laundering can create wrinkles on them.

But the question here is how you can get wrinkles out of silk curtains. Go through this guide to learn about the tricks to getting wrinkle-free curtains without damaging their appearance.

Easy Ways To Eliminate Wrinkles Out Of Silk Curtains

Silk curtains are made from delicate fabric, so they can get wrinkled easily. But you can get wrinkles out of these curtains by following these simple yet effective methods. Let’s begin with the guide:

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1. Ironing Silk

The first and easiest technique to remove wrinkles is to iron the silk, as it is the best way to get creases or wrinkles out of any clothing fiber. But ironing the silk requires extra care. Let’s proceed with the steps to iron the silk curtains.

  • Spray The Silk With Water

Spray The Silk With Water

If you are ironing the curtains because of the wrinkles they got after cleaning or washing, then there’s no need to spray the silk as you must iron the washed curtains when they are a little moistened or damped.

On the contrary, when you take out the curtains from the packing and see if there are creases or wrinkles. Then spray the silk with clean water using a water spray. bottle until it gets damp. If a spray bottle is not available, you can gently wash them before and then proceed with ironing.

  • Iron The Silk

Iron The Silk

The next step is to iron the silk that needs precaution. When ironing, keep in mind that silk is a delicate fabric and carelessness can damage the appearance of your silk curtains. There are different irons available in the stores, some of which come with silk settings. This means they can maintain the heat that is suitable for the silk fabric. However, if you don’t have this type of iron, you must keep the setting as low as possible.

  • Switch The Silk Fiber Side

Never iron the silk from the upside and turn the fabric to the downside to protect the silk from potential damage in the outlook of these curtains. Place the curtain’s fabric in the same position, either vertically or horizontally, depending upon the size of the ironing board. It will help to avoid getting creases all over the pressed silk.

  • Place an Ironing Cloth

Place an Ironing Cloth

The last precaution you must take before ironing the silk is to place a piece of cloth over the curtain’s surface. If you want to avoid burning, water stains, or damage to the visual appeal of silk curtains, you must place a piece of old cotton over the curtain. Besides that, you can also use aluminum foil to place over the wrinkled or creased surface of silk to avoid direct contact with the iron.

2. Steam Out Wrinkles

Steam Out Wrinkles

Another way to get wrinkles out of silk curtains is to steam the fabric. You can use a steam iron if you still have some creases on the silk curtains. Other than a steam iron, there are many innovative gadgets for steaming, like you can use a handheld steamer for this purpose.

Hang your curtains in any open area and use your steamer from a distance of about 5-6 inches. Steaming the curtains will help to loosen the silk fibers, and you can get wrinkle-free curtains.

3. Use Hot Shower

This is not a widely used method, but you can try it if you don’t have a steamer or steam iron. To begin with, take your silk curtains and hang them in the bathroom. Choose an area where steam can’t reach your curtains.

After that, turn on the hot water shower and let the curtain steam for 5–10 minutes. To avoid wasting water, you can use this approach while you are taking a shower. Keep in mind to close the windows and doors of the bathroom so that steam can’t escape from the place.

4. Use a Hair Dryer

If your curtains have just a few wrinkles, then you don’t have to wash, steam, or use a hot water shower to get wrinkles out of silk curtains. You can just dampen the wrinkled area using a mist sprayer. Then take a hair dryer to blow the hot air on the damped, wrinkled surface and let it dry. If you don’t know how much hot air is enough for it, you can turn off the heating filament and just use the normal air of the dryer.

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If you wanted to know how to get wrinkles out of silk curtains, then this guide would have been very beneficial for you. It is not very difficult to follow these techniques, but you must be careful while removing wrinkles from silk curtains. You can proceed with ironing, steaming, or using a steamer, hot shower, or a hair dryer to get wrinkled-free silk curtains.

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