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How To Clean Silk Curtains?

How To Clean Silk Curtains? Silk curtains are the softest and most delicate type of drape with sleek layouts and shiny visuals. These luxury curtains are the definitive choice for individuals who seek elegance and sophistication in everything. Silk curtains are made from fabric produced by silkworms and loosely woven materials that can offer both light-filtering and room-darkening features.

There is a massive range of silk curtains to pick from with distinct materials, textures, patterns, designs, and colors. Silk curtains, with their silky yet soft materials, can get stains, dirt, and dust or require periodic cleaning to maintain their eternal appearance.

However, cleaning silk curtains is not an effortless task because you have to be considerate of the fabric’s appearance so that it won’t get damaged and keep its silky yet shiny appearance forever. In this guide, we’ll talk about the easiest steps to cleaning your silk curtains effectively. Let’s proceed with the discussion with precautions.

Things To Consider Before Cleaning Silk Curtains

Cleaning Silk Curtains

As you know, silk curtains have a delicate fabric that requires carefulness while cleaning. Silk curtains are washable in a washing machine, and you can also buy curtains that can be hand-laundered. However, there are certain things that you must know about them before cleaning.

  • Don’t dry them on heat; instead, dry them in the fresh air.
  • If the curtains are not UV resistant, then don’t let them dry in direct sunlight.
  • Whether you have machine washer curtains or hand-laundered, you must opt for the hand wash option to keep their silky and smooth appearance for a long time.
  • If you have multiple colored silk curtains, wash them separately.
  • Give a gentle touch to rinse out dust and dirt.
  • To remove stains, softly rub the affected area with bleaching-free detergent.

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Ultimate Steps To Clean Silk Curtains Effectively

Cleaning these curtains doesn’t take much effort but requires some precautions. You just need to use the best cleaners and have to be careful while cleaning them. Keep in mind the above precautions for effective cleaning.

1. Take Down Curtains First

Take Down Curtains First

The first step in cleaning silk curtains is to take down your curtains from the panel. Try to shake out all the dust accumulated on the curtains after taking them down, because these curtains attract dust.

You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust with an extension wand. All you have to do is to run the vacuum over the curtain’s surface from top to bottom.

2. Pre-Clean Stubborn Stains

Pre-Clean Stubborn Stains

If you want to get the lush and tidier appearance of your silk curtains, then treat the stains when they first appear on the curtains. Because a delay in removing stains makes them deeper and more difficult to remove after some time.

However, if there are any stains on the curtains after you take them down, then try to eliminate them gently by rubbing them with a soft piece of fiber before cleaning.

3. Hand Wash Them Gently

Hand Wash Them Gently

After getting rid of stains, wash them gently by hand as it helps to sustain the color, texture, and pattern of the silk curtains. Take a tub and fill it with cool water. Don’t clean these curtains with warm water. Hand-launder the curtains separately if there are two or different colored curtains.

Use an effective detergent and pour the ounces of cleaner as per instruction. Don’t use the cleaner that comes with bleach or other harmful chemicals. You can also use vinegar to clean silk curtains.

4. Rinse & Squeeze Excess Water Out

Rinse & Squeeze Excess Water Out

The next step in this list is gently rubbing the curtains under the detergent solution. When you think all the stains have been eliminated from the curtains’ surface, rinse the curtains and squeeze excess water out of them. Then use the flow of water to take out all the detergent solution from the curtains until you don’t see any sudsy water.

5. Air Dry These Curtains

After clean silk curtains with cool water, hang the curtains to dry on the cloth wire or on any stand. Never hang these curtains to dry near the heating sources. Try to hang them indoors for a better outcome. It will help to let the curtains dry with no outside dirt and dust. If your curtains are not resistant to sun rays, then don’t hang the

Air Dry These Curtains

6. Iron Them When Damp

After the silk curtains get dry, iron them carefully. But it is better to iron these curtains when they are slightly damp. This is because water can leave marks on the curtains if dried completely.

Maintain a low ironing temperature and press the silk from the opposite side of the cloth. Don’t keep the iron directly on the silk; instead, place a pressing cloth over the curtain to avoid it from burning.

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Wrapping Up The Discussion!

This concludes our simple guide on how to clean silk curtains. Cleaning the curtains is not very time-consuming or hectic unless you are aware of the little details that can help you deeply clean dirt, dust, and stains from them. Cleaning the curtains requires carefulness. You must be aware of the fact that you cannot wash them in the washing machine if you want to sustain the look of silk curtains as you purchased them.

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