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Curtains-Dubai is the fastest growing curtain company in the UAE. We offer the most extensive collection of traditional and modern curtain designs for your windows.
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Get the Most Affordable Curtains in Dubai

You must be looking for stylish and affordable curtains for your home or office in the UAE. At Curtains-Dubai, We think that everyone should be able to purchase high-quality goods at fair pricing. We aim to provide the highest quality window coverings at low rates. We offer discounted prices for all curtains without compromising on quality.

Our experts can assist you in getting the ideal curtains to match your interior design and budget. We offer professional curtains installation services at competitive pricing to ensure your chosen curtains Dubai are installed correctly. Visit our store today to see our collection of affordable curtains and find the perfect ones for your home or office.

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We Provide the Wide Range of Window Curtains in Dubai

There are many different fabrics, styles, and features available in our premium curtain collection. We offer a wide range of window dressing solutions, so our customers can choose the right type of curtains according to their needs and preferences.

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Best Curtains in Dubai

Add a Fashionable Look to Your Place With Our Curtains

When planning to decorate your home, consider getting modern window curtains to complete your home decor. We provide the best window solutions according to your interior decor. Our curtains Dubai offer a finishing touch to your place with their elegant designs. You can replace your old window coverings with our trendy ones at low prices.

We have perfect design ideas whether you want to cover large or small windows. If you want a custom color or design matching your upholstery, we offer complete customization options to our customers. Our company provides customized curtains to design your window coverings as per your choices.

Explore Our Variety Of Curtain Fabric Textures

We offer curtains in many different fabrics. Every material has its features and properties. This way, we make it easy for you to choose the right fabric which matches your needs and requirements. Our curtains are made to add a modern look to your place with their unique textures.


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We Offer Curtain Services in All Local Areas

Our professionals are renowned in the UAE for providing the best window curtains installation services. We have provided quality window coverings and curtain fixing services to a number of people in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities. You will get the fastest delivery of our premium window dressings. Here’s a list of place we deal in:

Al Quoz
Al Ain
Palm Jumeirah
Palm Islands
Deira Dubai
Have A Look At Our Modern Curtain Collection

Curtains are crucial to the interior decor of your home. The design of the curtains should complement the overall interior. We offer gorgeous designs and patterns to elevate interior beauty instantly.

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Different Types Of Curtains

Depending on the needs and requirements of our customers, we have many different types of window coverings. Contact our experts to get the right curtains for you.

Custom Made Curtains

Every window does not have the same size. Buying the standard sized curtains might not be helpful, as they won’t look good on your windows. Have your curtains made to order from us in the fabric, size, and style of your choice.

Modern Curtains

Curtains are one of the most noticeable things in your place. We offer plain, textured, geometric, and abstract curtains to give your place a modern look. Our team of designers stays updated with the latest trends to provide the customers with unique curtain designs.

Soundproof Curtains

Curtains are installed on the windows to cancel out the noise and light from the outside. Our soundproof curtains are made of thick material to block excessive noise to make your place more comfortable.

Reasons to Buy Our Premium Curtains In Dubai

Stylish Look

We have gorgeous curtain designs, textures, and patterns to make your place stunning.

Enhanced Comfort

Our curtains are made to provide comfort by regulating the temperature in your room.


Our curtain will block the UV rays from the window to protect your luxury furniture from fading.


Our curtains are designed to reduce the need for artificial lights by blocking natural light.

Improved Sleep

You can improve sleep by blocking light and noise, creating a more conducive sleeping environment.


We have high-quality curtains made of thick fabric to enable complete privacy in your place.

Expert Window Curtains Installation Services in Dubai

Curtains on your windows must be properly installed to get the most out of them. Our professional installation will ensure they are installed correctly to ensure maximum benefits and features. Our specialists have a wealth of expertise in installing curtains Dubai quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

We take precise measurements of your windows without any charge, ensuring the perfect curtain fit. If you are unsure about the right style or design of curtains for your place, call our professional consultants to help you with the design selection. Our business places a high focus on customer happiness. Save your precious time by hiring our skilled professionals to install the best curtains Dubai at affordable prices.

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Enhance your home decor with our curtains

Why Should You Choose Our Curtains In Dubai?

Curtains Dubai is the only solution for stylish and cheap curtains in the UAE. With our brand, you get the newest curtain styles and patterns in Dubai. Our window hangings look sleek and beautiful with any decor style. These versatile window coverings make your place attractive with their unique designs.

We focus on the stylish look and functionality of curtains to add luxury to your place. Our professionals have vast experience in installing window hangings all over the UAE. We offer top-rated curtains and top-notch installation services. So act quickly and give your windows the flawless, fashionable treatment they deserve.

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What Our Clients Say?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy the best curtain from Curtains-Dubai. We provide the most attractive curtains online in Dubai to enhance home decor. Call our experts for a free consultation about choosing the right design.

Many different types of curtains are available at our store, including sheer, blackout, thermal, motorised, and soundproof curtains. Every type of curtain comes with specific functionalities. In addition, you can also have your desired custom design or style of curtains from us.

You can get the custom colour, size, fabric, or curtains design per your preferences. Our experts can provide all types of customization in curtains ranging from material selection to styling choices. You can also get creative customization ideas from our professional consultants.

Curtains-Dubai provides you with the highest quality curtains with a five years warranty. You will enjoy the endless features of our luxurious curtains for many years with minimal upkeep. All of our customers in the UAE always admire our curtains and installation services.

Yes, Curtains Dubai provides top-notch curtains installation services in the UAE. Our professionals are popular in this industry for installing, fixing, and fitting curtains. Contact our experts to have a quick installation of your chosen window coverings.

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