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Somfy Curtains Dubai is the best choice to select quality curtains. You are in the perfect place. At Curtains Dubai, we are providing you your favorite Curtains. Somfy Curtains in Dubai is great in quality and provides perfect functioning.

In UAE, we are no 1 seller of Somfy blinds and curtains. We directly import the best quality curtains from the UK and deliver them to our client’s home.

Features of somfy curtains Dubai

Somfy curtains are simply amazing. You can save the desired position of your curtains by pressing the “My” on the remote control.

Timer control

Set a timer on your electric Somfy curtains Dubai and they will open and close automatically at your set time.

Automation for different types of curtains

The Somfy motor can be placed on any curtains whether they are pleated, without pleats, blackout, etc. we perfectly install the motor behind the curtains providing them a neat and clean look.

If you want to make your existing curtains Somfy curtains Dubai, we can do it by installing the Somfy motor.

Features of the Somfy motor:

  • The motor is mounted either left or right side
  • One side to the center opening
  • Powered by main power or batteries
  • Availability of various operating options
  • Automatic stops on the end
  • Plug and play solution
Somfy Curtains Dubai

Somfy Curtains Dubai

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Why buy Somfy Curtains Dubai

Somfy is an international brand selling the best electric blinds and Somfy Curtains Dubai with the availability of so many operating options. They are now getting popular in UAE as well. If you are somewhere between “if I should buy Somfy curtains” then let me tell you why to buy the Somfy curtains.

  • The opening and closing function of Somfy curtains are managed by the motor. It offers silent operation.
  • If you adjust the curtains, the Somfy motor will do the rest for you.
  • You can adjust the speed of curtains yourself
  • With a wide range of switches, smart hubs, and controls, you can operate several curtains with a touch of one button.
  • You can operate your Somfy Curtains Dubai via your remote control or smartphone as well by installing the Somfy Curtain app.

Why should you buy Somfy Curtains Dubai from us?

At Curtains Dubai, we are providing your desired Curtains Dubai at your doorstep. We are the leading providers of Somfy Curtains. Choose your desired curtains or bring us your old curtains, we can transform them into Curtains.

We also take orders for customized Somfy. Choose your desired style, pattern, and color. We will make your desired Somfy Curtains Dubai. We provide free delivery all over the UAE. If you have questions or want to discuss your needs, call us right away. We love to work on challenging tasks.