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We are the best shop for high-quality motorized curtains in UAE. Our curtains are well-known for the high quality of fabrics and motors. You’ll experience improved comfort with our automatic window coverings.


Easy to Use

These curtains will open and close with electric motors.

Versatile Options

Get the motorized mechanism in different types of curtains.

Affordable Prices

We offer our premium motorized curtains at reasonable rates.

Affordable Motorized Curtains Dubai

Improve Your Home Decor With Motorized Curtains in Dubai

Our trendy motorized window curtains are becoming a famous window treatment in Dubai. The real reason for this hype is the addition of convenience and time-saving. Our premium curtains are known for their high-end appearance and functionality.

Premium Quality
Unique Designs
Affordable Prices
Fast Delivery

We make your place smart by providing our latest motorized curtains. You can turn your standard curtains into automatic ones with our electric motors. Get extreme comfort by adding our best window solutions to your space.

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Featured Gallery of Our Automatic Curtains

Our modern motorized curtains are designed for all places in Dubai. It includes homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, universities, and conference halls.


Benefits Of Buying & installing Our Remote Control Curtains

We aim to make your home smart with our window treatments. Our motorized curtains Dubai provide much more advantages than a standard curtain.



We make our remote control curtains in such a way that they can save electricity. When you open them, you can turn off all the electric bulbs and save energy.

Smart Option

Our curtains are made to make your place modern. You don’t have to use remote by being near, instead you can totally use it from a distance because of the strong signals.


UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays can damage your furniture and can fade its colour. You can control these curtains from a mobile application and protect your interior from UV rays.


You can set these curtains to be closed at a specific time to enable safety and privacy in your place. Let no one know if you are at home or not.


Our curtains come with various control options. You can operate our motorized curtains with a remote, a mobile phone app, or a voice command.


These highly functional electric curtains can be hung on any size of windows. Add style and functionality to your place with our affordable curtains.

Reliable Motorized Curtains Dubai
Biggest Supplier of Motorized Curtains in UAE

We Offer the Best Motorized Curtains in Dubai at Low Prices

Our Motorized Curtains Dubai prices depend on the materials used. There are many materials and colors available for these curtains. You can select the ideal curtains for you according to the needs of your place. Many types of window solutions are present in our showroom at very affordable prices.

Our company aims to promote the use of automatic curtains in Dubai. You will see such curtains at high-end places like 5-star restaurants and corporate offices. We offer premium quality curtains that add a high-end appearance to your place. Add a luxurious feel to your interiors by getting this window treatment at market-competitive rates from us.

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How Can You Control Our Motorized Curtains?

Remote Control

We provide a handheld remote control with strong signals to open and close the curtains.

Mobile App

You can control your window coverings from a mobile application to close them when you are not at home.

Voice Commands

Control our motorized curtains in Dubai using voice commands such as Google Assistant or Alexa.


You can create a schedule to open and close your curtains at specific times of the day using a timer.

Install Our Motorized curtains
Perfect Motorized Curtains Dubai
Stunning Motorized Curtains Dubai

Hire Us for the Perfect Installation of Motorized Curtains

People usually think that they have to search a lot for the installers of automatic curtains in Dubai because they are tricky to install. You’ll be glad to know that we offer expert installation services for all types of curtains. You can hire us to install your motorized curtains in UAE at affordable rates.

Our experts use the most advanced techniques during the installation to speed up the process. You will get your curtains installed maximally within two hours. We have a large team of experts, and they are highly trained and experienced. Call us today to plan an installation date according to your choice.

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Get free advice from our experts about
the best window solutions for your place.

Professional Installation

We provide top-notch motorized
curtain installation services in the UAE.


We are the biggest provider of the latest window treatments in the UAE.

Best motorized curtains Dubai, UAE

Why Choose Us For Motorized Curtains Dubai?

We have been providing curtains all over the UAE for more than 15 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other areas of the UAE. Our buying process is quite simple and customer friendly. Curtains-Dubai provides free quotes online to our customers after getting to know their choice. Our versatile collection of motorized curtains has the best designs for all decor styles. Contact us anytime to avail the best curtains for your place.


We provide the most skillful installation of window curtains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They are worth it if you value convenience, energy efficiency, and safety. They are a perfect addition to any home or office. They offer a variety of benefits, including remote control, voice command, and automation. Save long-term costs and increase the value of your home with our curtains.

They work by using an electric motor which moves them along the track. They can be controlled using a remote, mobile app, voice command, or wall mounted switch. Some motorized curtains also have sensors that can detect light and temperature for automatic adjustments.

Our curtains have ultra-modern features to provide convenience and efficiency. They can be installed at all places, allowing you to control them conveniently. They also offer automation, which can save time and energy.

Curtains-Dubai is the most reliable company to buy cheap motorized curtains in the UAE. We offer a wide range of materials, colours, and patterns to provide the most suitable option for your windows.

The cost of these curtains in Dubai can vary depending on size, fabric, and the complexity of the installation process. On average, they can range from AED 800 to AED 5,500 per window in Dubai. However, the cost can increase for larger windows or custom installations. You can discuss the estimated cost from our experts by calling us anytime.

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