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We are the best manufacturers of Motorized Curtains Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our curtains are well-known for the high quality of materials used in their production.

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We Provide the Best-Motorized Curtains Dubai at a very low Price

The price of motorized window curtains depends primarily on the materials used in their production. Depending on the material, there are many types of curtains. You can select the ideal curtains for you according to the needs of your place.

We provide all types of Motorized Curtains Dubai at highly affordable rates so that all customers can easily buy them. The prices of our fabric curtains are very low, but the price of steel and vinyl motor curtains will be slightly higher. Still, all our curtain prices are very low as compared to the market.

Never think that if we are providing curtains at low rates, the quality will also be low. We will never compromise on the quality of our motorized drapes. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we never disappoint our customers.

Our Best Collection Motorized Curtains in Dubai

Get the Best-Motorized Curtains from Curtains Dubai

Motorized curtains Dubai are becoming much more accessible from the day they came onto the market. The real reason for its trend is the user’s comfort and power. Our Automatic Curtains are known for their comfort because they can be operated by a remote.

We offer all types of motorized drapes to our customers in order to assist them in making their homes smart homes. Our electric curtains have several styles and colors and provide all sorts of advantages that a standard curtain provides with remote control operation.

Our curtains will allow you to get maximum comfort from them. You don’t even need to move toward your curtains when you have to open or close them because the remote has strong signals.

Motorized Wave Curtains

Our Motorized curtains Dubai are the right choice for all places, including homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, universities, and conference halls. Our curtains have the ability to adjust to every environment and give the best results.

Our Somfy curtain motor are highly durable as they can resist all the wear and tear of the environment and last for a long time. Our curtains can bear all the changes in the environment and always keep their beauty.

Remarkable Benefits of Our Motorized Curtains Dubai

There are endless benefits to our electric curtains. Some of the most prominent benefits of our curtains are:


We make our curtains in such a way that they can save electricity. When you completely open the curtains, they allow the sunlight to come into your room, so you can easily switch off all the lights and save your energy.

Integrate Into a Smart Home

Our electric curtains have the ability to change your home into a smart home. You can control your curtains with a remote or a mobile app, so this is the quality of smart places.

Protect Against Sun Damage

Another important benefit of our Motorized Curtains Dubai is that they can protect your place from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunrays can damage your furniture and can fade its color.

Offer Security

Our curtains are going to give security to your home as you can open and close your curtains from a distinct place with the help of a mobile app. So it will give the impression that you are at home, so the thieves will stay away from home.

Offer Many Control Options

Our curtains have many options for you as you can control them in different ways. You can operate our curtains with a remote, a mobile phone app, or even you can command with your voice.

Safe for Children and Pets

Our curtains are completely safe for children and pets because they are cordless and there is no chance your kids will tangle in them. As a result, they are the most secure curtains for your home.

We offer the best Motorized Curtains Installation Services

When you buy curtains from us, the next step is the installation of these curtains. People usually think that they have to search a lot for the installers of Motorized Curtains Dubai because they are tricky to install, so an inexperienced worker can’t install them.

You’ll be glad to know that we offer expert installation services for all types of curtains. You can hire us for the installation of your electric curtains at affordable rates.

The tricks and techniques that we use during the installation of our curtains are the latest on the market, which can speed up our installation process and you can get your electric curtains installed in just an hour or two.

If you want installation on an urgent basis, then don’t worry because we have a large team of experts consisting of 30 members. All of them are highly trained and experienced, so they can easily install your curtains.

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Why Choose Us?

Now you know all the features and benefits of our Motorized Curtains Dubai, so you can easily select us for buying your electric curtains. If you still have any confusion about us, then you should know that we have been providing curtains all over the UAE for over 15 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We have been manufacturing and supplying all types of curtains, such as sheer curtains, blackout curtains, silk curtains, eyelet curtains, velvet curtains, draperies, blinds, shades, and many other window coverings for more than a decade.

The quality of all our Motorized Curtains Dubai is very good because we use premium quality material in the making of these curtains. We set low rates for all our curtains so our customers can easily buy them. The styles and designs that we provide for our electric curtains in Dubai are unique in the whole market.

Linen Motorized Curtains

We have also designed a very easy order-placing method for our customers so they can comfortably get their curtains. You just need to tell us the measurements of your curtains and we will send you a free quote. Then you can place the order, and we will deliver the motorized curtains UAE to your doorstep.

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Some of our Special Features

Premium Quality

We provide premium-quality material for the making of our curtains.

Unique Designs

We always provide unique designs on our motorized curtains.

Affordable Prices

We offer affordable prices for all our curtains and their installation.

Fast Delivery

We always deliver motorized curtains to your doorstep in a day or two.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The rate of motorized curtains is not fixed. The prices fluctuate as the material of the curtains changes. Metal and steel curtains are more expensive as compared to fabric curtains. The average cost of these curtains ranges from $200 to $800 according to the size and material of the curtains.

Yes, simple curtains can easily be motorized by just changing the operating system of these curtains. The rods of the simple curtains will be replaced with the rods of motorized curtains. The wires will be attached to the power supply. The fabric will roll on the rod. And the electric curtains are ready.

Motorized drapes are the drapes that operate through remotes or mobile phone apps. The fabric of these drapes folds on the drapery rods when they close with the remote, and the fabric will extend completely when opened. These are the best for smart homes.

Smart curtains work by the addition of a remote control motor to the rods of the curtains. This motor can raise, lower, open, or close the curtains very easily through the remote. These curtains can also work through the mobile phone app, which can operate the curtains from a distance.

Yes, motorized curtain rods are worth it because they allow the user to open and close the curtains and blinds through the remote control without leaving their seats. From the mobile phone app, a user can operate their curtains from a distance.

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