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How High to Hang Curtains At Perfect Height? | (Height Guide)

How high to hang Curtains? – Curtains play a vital role in providing the best windows treatment. Hanging curtains above the window help us by giving us privacy when we need it and blocking the light coming from outside which may disturb us while taking a rest.

Hanging high curtains perfectly can be called an art because hanging the curtains can make or break the room’s design. Curtains also play an essential role in enhancing the style and beauty of our home’s interior design.

Hanging curtains in living rooms & all over in-home at perfect height is not a tricky task, but if you are a newbie, it would be a little bit hard for you. Curtains’ height can affect the most important factors, like privacy, light-blocking, color, and texture of the room. Today, we brought an article called How to Hang Curtains? This guide will learn about the best ways to hang the curtains at a perfect height.

Here are 3 Easy Steps How High to Hang Curtains At Perfect Height

Easy Steps How High to Hang Curtains At Perfect Height

Curtain height plays a vital role in window treatment as if your windows are smaller and you want to enhance this size. Like hanging drapes in such a way that can make your small-sized window look bigger than its actual size.

The optimal height is to place the curtains anywhere from 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. But different types of windows have different sizes. Therefore, we will discuss How high to hang curtains? You will hang the curtains at the proper height by following some essential steps. Let’s take a look at all the steps one by one:

1. Take The Measurements

Taking The Measurements

Measurement is everything for hanging the curtains at a proper height, which helps you to enhance the beauty of your home’s interior. For hanging the curtains at the height, take the exact measurements. For that, follow these curtain length rules.

Measure The Height of Rod

Measure The Height of Curtains Rod

You can decide to hang the curtains at the perfect height with the help of this step. The ideal height of hanging curtain rods is to fix it halfway or two-thirds from the top of the window frame and the ceiling. So try to get the perfect measurement to help you hang the curtains at the ideal height. You have to hang the curtain rod high for giving a bigger look to the small windows

Width of Curtain Rod

Width of Curtain Rod


The curtain rod width can make or break the purpose of having privacy and allow/block the light coming into the room. To measure the width of your curtain rod, measure the width of your window frame. Then add an extra 4 to 6-inches on each side to determine the rod’s actual length for taking the perfect width for hanging the curtains in home.

Width of Your Curtains

Width of Your Curtains

You can determine the width of your curtains by measuring the width of your window frame. For taking the exact width for your curtains panel, double the width of the window you have taken. It will help you make more pleats that give you 100% privacy, block out light, and a luxurious look to your room’s interior.

Length of Your Curtains

Length of Your Curtains

The curtain height is based on how high your curtain rod is fixed, so place the rod in the perfect place. The curtain length can be determined by measuring the distance between the rod and the floor. Add some extra inches to the measured height that helps you easily hem the curtains and make the header.

2. Different Heights For Hanging Curtains

You can hang the curtains at different heights to give them fantastic effects. These tricks will help you get results like the curtains hung by professional interior designers. Here are a few tricks on How high to hang curtains? You can apply them while hanging the curtains to give the exact results you want to get.

1. Puddle

Puddle Curtains

Puddles are one of the best ways of hanging the modern curtains a little high from the bottom to keep them clean. Cut about two or four-inch fabric from the bottom of the curtains to get a puddle effect.

2. Break The Puddle

Break The Puddle curtains

This method is used when you want to install floor-to-ceiling curtains. Add an extra half or 1-inch to your curtain’s length that allows curtains to touch the floor. This will break the fabric when it touches the floor and give a laid-back vibe.

3. Kissing the Floor

Kissing the Floor Curtains

This method of hanging curtains from the ceiling is a bit hard to apply and looks decent and beautiful while hanging the curtains. Take the exact measurements from the curtain rod to the floor height to fulfill the requirements of this method.

Kissing the floor style will help you to enhance the interior look of your room by touching the floor and giving an amazing look of hovering over the floor. Apply this style to the living room for achieving great results

4. Floating Method

Floating Method Hanged Curtains

If you don’t want your curtains to touch the floor all the time and keep them clean, this method will be the best choice for you. You have to install the curtains one or half-inch above the surface.

The curtains will hang straight, look fantastic, and be cleaned because they didn’t get the dust by touching the floor.

3. Mount The Rod and Hang Curtains

Mount The Rod and Hang Curtains

After getting all the measurements perfectly, you will hang the curtains easily at a proper height. According to the taken measurement of the height of the rod, mark on the wall on both sides evenly for installing the curtain brackets.

Drill the brackets one by one on both sides at the marked places. Insert the rod into the curtains. Then place the curtain rod on the brackets to hang the curtains. Mount the rod perfectly into the brackets. Now set the high ceiling curtains panels in the right place and make fabulous pleats.


This is all about how high to hang curtains? I hope this article will be helpful for you and you can easily hang the curtains at a perfect height. If you got nothing regarding this, you could ask by posting a comment.

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