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Easy Steps To Hang Your Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains are the ideal choice for those who get irritated with the sensation of direct sunlight that wakes them up early in the morning and disturbs their peaceful sleep. These curtains are made from a very thick fabric that can block the light effectively and give you a perfect environment to sleep peacefully.

Hanging blackout curtains is not difficult, but those without knowledge may be confused about the proper steps to take when hanging your blackout draperies on the window. To make their work easier and more successful, we are providing you with a complete guide to installing your curtains without any hassle. Let’s go through the detailed steps to hang your blackout curtains right away.

Gather Right Tools & Materials

The first measure you should take to install these curtains in your home is to gather all the tools and equipment that are required to complete this task effectively. It would be appreciated if you had all the materials beforehand, but in case you don’t have them, you must grab the following tools before installing your curtains:

  • Curtains Rod & Poles
  • Wall Anchors
  • Curtains Brackets
  • Pencil & Paper
  • Drill Machine
  • Hammer
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdriver

Quick & Easy Steps To Hang Your Blackout Curtains

After gathering all the necessary tools and materials, you are ready for the working steps. Give yourself the courage, grab the gathered tools, and move toward the steps to hang your blackout curtains.

1. Take The Measurement

Take The Measurement

To install the blackout curtain, first, you have to take the measurements of your windows according to the window size. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and note down the size on the paper after taking accurate measurements with the help of a measuring tape. Take accurate measurements to ensure that your curtain rods and brackets are precisely positioned.

Place a mark on the wall where you are going to install the rod for your blackout curtains to indicate the spot with a pencil or pen. So that you will not face difficulty afterward.

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2. Rod & Bracket Placement For Marking

Rod & Bracket Placement For Marking

Consider the height for the placement of the rod after taking precise measurements. Consider the ceiling of your room first and then try to place the rod as high as you can. Make sure to buy the rod with the extended width to ensure that your blackout curtains block out the light completely.

The width of the windows and the length of the rod must be longer. For the bracket placement, use a leveler to ensure that you marked the spots in the exact place. Once you get to choose the height for the rod.

3. Drill A Hole & Install Wall Anchors

Drill A Hole & Install Wall Anchors

The next step after the rod and bracket placement is to use a drill machine to make a pilot hole in the walls. Use the drill machine with care. If you don’t know how to use the drill machine, don’t try to make a hole by yourself.

After you drill the hole, install the anchors into the wall using a hammer. You can use a screwdriver to tighten the screws into the wall, but don’t exert too much force as it can result in the breaking of anchors in the wall. And if there are any studs in the wall, try to remove them by using a stud finder.

4. Attach the Brackets

After drilling the small hole into the walls, now you can attach the brackets to the indicated place where you marked the spot. You can attach the brackets to each side, either taking the left side first or the right. If it is difficult for you, get help from anyone and make sure to be safe. You can attach additional screws if there is a need.

Prepare & Hang Your Curtains

5. Prepare & Hang Your Curtains

Preparing your curtains is the final step in this easy guide. Spread your curtains onto the curtain rod and attach your rod to the brackets. You can use a step ladder or a mounted stool to hang your blackout curtains rod onto the brackets. You can style your blackout curtains with the sheers to add dual practicality and aesthetics to your rooms.

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To End Up!

Blackout curtains are needed by most homeowners nowadays because they can give you many benefits and features. However, installing these curtains can take some time and proper guidance if you are installing them for the first time.

The easy steps to hang your blackout curtains involve gathering the right tools, taking measurements, and placing rods and brackets. After this, you will need to drill holes and install anchors. The last but least step is to attach the brackets. You use a ladder to install the curtains in their place. Appreciate yourself for completing the project successfully.