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Blackout Curtains Or Blackout Blinds; Which One Is a Better Choice?

If you are tired of sleepless nights and uneasy mornings, then the ideal treatment for your room decor is blackout curtains and blinds. These curtains are far better than many other curtains available in stores because they are more efficient and practical. Whether you go for blackout curtains or blackout blinds, they both have their unique features and attributes.

Blackout curtains are perfect for the endless varieties and also offer privacy, thermal insulation, and soften the exterior sounds. And blackout blinds are best to use in hot temperatures and humid places, and they take up less space than curtains. In this article, we are going to discuss the comparison between blackout curtains and blackout blinds to find out which is better for your home.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

The curtains that are made from a thick yet soft-flowing fabric that covers the entire window to the floor or even floats on the floor are known as blackout curtains. These curtains can give your place an elegant touch with the versatility of options available for these curtains based on their color and styles.

Other than this, there are enormous layouts and patterns available for these curtains in the stores. You can effortlessly spice up the decor of your home with blackout curtains because of their stunning prints and designs. They come with blackout lining and better insulate your rooms.

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Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are the best window treatment option for you if you want to add additional privacy to your home. Blinds are the hard window covering solution because they are made from solid materials like aluminum, wood, and faux wood.

These blinds are best to install in places that experience humidity and are extremely hot. However, blackout blinds limit the choice of layouts and colors. In comparison to blackout curtains, there is a limited selection of blinds available in stores.

Comparison Between Blackout Curtains And Blackout Blinds

Both blackout curtains and blinds are functional and are beneficial to install in your home. However, their functionality and appearance are vastly different. Let’s start the actual debate and go through the distinct features of blackout curtains to help you decide which is more beneficial for your home.

1. Style & Appearance


Blackout blinds often come in neutral or extremely darker tones and solid shades. Blinds look perfect in a room that is simple and well organized. These blinds come in distinct patterns and colors but the range of layouts is not that much compared to blackout curtains. You cannot match the design specifications according to your interior decor because blinds don’t offer versatility to that extent.

While blackout curtains offer endless contemporary textures, colors, and patterns. They enhance the decor of your home with their versatile layouts and color tones. These curtains can easily match the decor of your room and can also be purchased considering the home furniture and other furnishing elements.

2. Space Requirement & Light Blocking


Blackout blinds are the best window adorning item if your windows are small. Because blinds can easily be adjusted in minimal spaces and cover your windows. Blackout blinds effectively block the light, but it is better to install the roller blinds along with an opaque fabric blackout to make your blinds secure.

On the other hand, blackout curtains need a lot of room. Extend the length and width of your curtains and curtain rod for the brackets to fully cover the windows and block the light. However, blackout curtains offer more style and block the outside light well while providing your space with a sophisticated touch.

4. Privacy Factor


Blackout blinds are made from solid materials like aluminum and faux wood, so they can block the outside light and offer privacy as well. But blinds are not considered the perfect option for privacy compared to curtains because they are not 100% opaque, but they offer more security than curtains.

Blackout curtains, with their extremely thick fabric materials, offer more privacy and block out the outside view completely. The dense fabric of blackouts gives you more control over the light, and you can sleep peacefully even in the daytime.

5. Thermal Insulation


If your home is in a humid place, then having blackout blinds can benefit you. These blinds are humidity-resistant and you must install them in places with extremely hot climate conditions. They aid in dissipating the heat out of your room and control the temperature.

Blackout curtains and blackout blinds are both the best for regulating temperatures, but blackout curtains are more effective at maintaining heat. These curtains offer better insulation than blinds while providing you with a warmer space in winter and blocking the intense UV rays from entering your rooms in summer. They are also great for noise reduction in your space. You can protect your room from the outside glare by installing these curtains in your home.

6. Installation Costs & Maintenance


Installing blackout blinds is way cheaper than having blackout curtains. The reason is that these blinds come with limited choices and the method of installing them is the same. But in addition, you will need to compromise on other beneficial factors like thermal regulation, noise reduction, and opacity. Maintaining blinds is easy, and they also don’t need frequent cleaning.

While installing curtains can be difficult for different windows and curtain types due to the availability of different choices. Besides that, the method of installing the curtains can vary as curtain rods, which can be single or double, and rod pockets, grommets, and pleating styles of curtains are also there, which can affect the installation and buying cost as well. Maintaining blackout curtains is not difficult, but you have to clean them often.

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Final Discussion!

Blackout curtains or blackout blinds are integral parts of home decor depending on the space requirement and design specification of your rooms, windows, and curtains or blinds as well. Because you have to consider the interior room decor and other elements as well.

However, if you want to know which is better between blackout curtains and blackout blinds, then you can read this guide and come to the conclusion that, in terms of versatility, thermal regulation, light blocking, privacy, and noise reduction, blackout curtains are better, while blackout blinds are cheap and ideal for humid areas.

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