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Comparison Between Velvet Curtains Vs Silk Curtains

Curtains, of any type, can enhance your spaces with their versatility of distinct colors, textures, patterns, and layouts. But the appearance of curtains is not everything, as there are various aspects that you must take into consideration before choosing curtains to adorn your interiors.

Curtains are crucial decorating items that can effortlessly make your rooms look classy and enhance the visuals of your space. But curtains come in a massive range of varieties based on fabric types and their qualities, like silk, sheer, blackouts, voile, velvet, chenille, and many more. You can shop for different varieties of curtains based on your budget and requirements.

However, in this article, you’ll get to know about the comparison between velvet Curtains vs silk curtains in terms of their features and functionalities. Let’s go through this guide and get to know the differences between velvet and silk curtains.

The Ultimate Comparison Between Velvet Vs Silk Curtains

Curtains will no doubt add glamour to your spaces based on your choice of fabric and color for these curtains. Whether it is silk or velvet, they will surely add a touch of elegance, but there are many aspects that you need to know before buying them.

Velvet Curtains

Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are the formal choice for your home, but they are also the most luxurious fabric for curtains. These curtains are made from tufted fabric and are quite durable. However, you must consider the interior of your home before buying them, as it is best for spacious rooms with larger windows. Let’s review the pros and cons of velvet curtains.

Pros Of Velvet Curtains

Let’s explore the pros of velvet curtains first;

  • Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are woven from heavy materials. Because of their thick weaving, they can save energy efficiently. These curtains add aesthetic value to your property and are considered the best to use in rooms with tall windows.

The thickness and density of these curtains can’t be ignored as they help in regulating temperatures in cold and moist weather. The thick pile of these curtains helps you prevent direct sunlight from entering your place. While in winter, these curtains keep the environment warm and calm. They prevent heat loss and hence reduce electricity consumption.

  • Light & Privacy Control

Light & Privacy Control

With their thick pile, these curtains offer maximum control over light. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, you can slide the curtains to the side.

Inversely, if you want to take a nap or get a good night’s sleep, you can slide velvet curtains to the center and get a complete blackout using them.

  • Aesthetic Feel

These curtains add a stylish touch to your place and offer you a worth-watching interior. However, these curtains look perfect when your home has modern-styled windows.

  • Durability

The pile of velvet curtains is almost equal to that of rugs, which makes them last for a longer time. These curtains can withstand wear and tear easily.

Cons Of Velvet Curtains

Like other fabrics, this curtain fabric also has cons.

High Maintenance

  • Traps Dust & Dirt

These curtains can easily accumulate dust, which is then trapped inside the thick pile of velvet fiber. The accumulated dirt is difficult to remove from these curtains. Besides dirt, they can also trap other microscopic organisms present in the air.

  • High Maintenance

Because of the heavyweight and thick pile of velvet curtains, it is a lot more difficult to maintain them. If the quality of these curtains is not checked properly, they can get wear and tear easily.

  • Quite Expensive

The fabric of these curtains is costly because it is not flatly woven like other fabrics.

  • Frequent Cleaning

These curtains can attract dust easily, so to maintain the outlook of these curtains you may require frequent cleaning, which is surely an exhausting task to do.

  • Difficult To Install

It is difficult to install these curtains over a rod because of their weight. You may need pin hooks or rod pockets for this purpose.

Silk Curtains

Silk Curtains

Silk curtains are the choice of people with fashion sense and trendy styles. These curtains are made from silkworm fibers, which is a delicate material and has a sleek texture. With the finest appearance of these curtains, they are a choice for most homeowners. Let’s talk about the merits and demerits of silk curtains;

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Pros Of Silk Curtains

Silk is renowned as the queen of fabrics. Besides the extraordinarily lush appearance, there are other pros to take note of.

  • Easy To Install

Easy To Install

Silk curtains come in different sizes and weights, but it is still quite easy to hang them on the rod as compared to velvet curtains.

  • Give Shiny Visuals

Silk is the most fabulous material that gives a shiny appearance and enhances the decor of any place. It is the most luxurious fabric, with high quality.

  • Cleaning Is Easy

Cleaning Is Easy

Unlike velvet, cleaning silk curtains is an effortless and non-exhausting task to do. You may just need to dry clean them. They are easy to hang on the curtain rod or over a wire to get dry as well.

  • Standard Weight & Durability

These curtains have a standard weight as it is easy to maintain. In addition, these curtains offer maximum durability and can bear wear and tear easily.

  • Regulate Temperature

Silk curtains are thermoregulating and can effectively regulate the temperature of your room. In the winter, heat will not penetrate into the room. While in summer, they efficiently prevent sunlight.

Cons Of Silk Curtains

Here are the cons of silk curtains;

  • Delicate Fabric

Delicate Fabric

Silk curtains are highly durable and of high quality, but they are delicate in the sense that the continuous piercing of direct sunlight can damage their color and water can leave stubborn stains on them.

  • Are Not Affordable

Silk curtains are more expensive than velvet curtains, but they are surely worth it because of their incredible features that velvet curtains can’t offer.

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To End The Discussion!

This is all about the comparison between velvet curtains vs silk curtains, which covers all aspects, including cost, maintenance, durability, and cleanliness. You can notice the difference in their weights, temperatures, appearances, and light control as well. We’ll suggest you buy the silk curtains as there are more pros to having silk fabric than velvet in your home.

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