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How to Care for Sheer Linen Drapes?

Sheer linen curtains are renowned for their lustrous appearance and softness, which can easily perk up your decor and diffuse the light entering your place. These curtains are lightweight and bright in outlook because they are transparent and let in a measured amount of light. It is extremely easy to maintain or clean the sheer linen drapes because they rarely require cleaning like other curtain materials.

It is a durable choice for homes because it can withstand daily wear easily. With just minimal care, these linen curtains can last approximately half a decade easily. However, you need to give them the proper care and periodic cleaning if you want to make them last for a long time. In this article, we’ll discuss the tips for caring for sheer linen drapes for your help. Let’s dig into the details.

Different Ways To Care For Sheer Linen Drapes

Different Ways To Care For Sheer Linen Drapes

Linen Sheer Drapes are the ideal way to add a touch of drama and softness to your rooms. However, to maintain their sleek and refined appearance, take good care of your drapes so that they can last longer while still holding onto their extraordinary appearance.

If you are seeking easy ways to care for your linen drapes, then this guide is for you. Let’s review the aspects by which you can maintain the look of your drapes.

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1. Shaking & Scenting The Curtains

Shaking & Scenting The Curtains

To keep your sheer drapes tidy and dirt-free, wipe off the dirt and dust from the curtains on a daily basis along with regular cleaning of your place. If not, you can periodically take off the curtains from the panel and shake off all the dirt and dust from them vigorously until you get a soil-free curtain.

You can also use the dusting brush to clean off all the dust from sheer linen drapes. A scented fabric spray can also be used to add freshness to the curtains. For effective cleaning, you can steam these curtains for about 5–10 minutes using a handheld steamer. You can use this method that will help you get fresh and dust-free curtains for your home.

2. Use A Reliable Stain Remover

Use A Reliable Stain Remover

Even if you remove the dirt from the curtains by shaking them out, it won’t help you remove the stains from the curtains. Stains look unappealing on any type of curtain, and you should remove them as soon as you get them on the curtains.

There are many effective cleaners available in stores that can effortlessly eliminate all the stains from your sheer linen drapes. Choose a reliable stain remover that does not damage the texture and appearance of your curtains. To be sure that it won’t discolor your curtains, you can test the remover on the back side of the curtain. Also, spray the cleaner onto the stain from the back side of the curtain fabric using the paper towel below so that the stain can transfer onto the paper towel. Wash the curtains before hanging.

3. Air Dry Or Iron The Linen Sheer Curtains

Air Dry Or Iron The Linen Sheer Curtains

You can also air dry the linen sheer curtains because most linen sheers are dryer-safe. However, you must check for the manufacturer’s instructions before air-drying them. Keep the setting of the heat low and don’t overload the dryer.

Remove the curtains before they get completely dry and you can also hang your curtains outside to air dry. Iron these curtains when they are a little damp. By pressing the fabric from edge to edge, you can get the creases or wrinkles out of the linen sheers. It is not a problem if the curtain is fully dried before ironing. You can select the steam setting or use a water sprayer while ironing them.

4. Wash Curtains By Washer Machine

Wash Curtains By Washer Machine

The next technique for caring for sheer linen drapes is to use the washer machine. For this purpose, first, you need to determine whether it is machine washable. You can check for it on the curtain tag. Because liner sheer is a lightweight and transparent fabric, washing them in the machine can damage their texture.

However, some linen fabrics are strong enough that you can wash them in the machine. To use the machine for these curtains, set the cool temperature, run a gentle cycle, and use a reliable dye-free detergent for laundry.

5. Wash The Linen Sheer With Hands

Wash The Linen Sheer With Hands

The last method that you can adopt to care for sheer linen drapes is to wash them with your hands. Not every fabric is machine washable. So, you can hand launder these curtains well, depending upon the fabric type.

Take a tub with cool water and pour detergent into it. Submerge the curtains under the water after mixing the detergent. Let the curtains soak in the water for 15-20 minutes and then rub the fabric to rinse out the dust particles or stains. Hang them to dry after washing them with lukewarm water.

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Wrapping Note!

Sheer linen drapes are easier to care for as you don’t have to do frequent cleaning. However, you must wash them either by hand or in the washing machine after they get stains or dust on them. You can also air dry or steam these curtains for a minimum of about 5–10 minutes.

To get a refreshed look from linen sheers, you can use fabric scents over them. To remove stains, buy a dye-free cleaner that doesn’t contain bleaching substances. These easy ways can help you complete your task with no hassle.

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