Office Curtains

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Office Curtains

February 27, 2017

Before settling on a style, ask yourself these questions: Where do you want to hang the curtains? How much light do you want to filter in or out? Are the curtains purely decorative? Then, consider these three options: lined, unlined, or interlined.

  • Lined: A more expensive yet popular option, lined curtains provide total darkness and privacy.  They last longer because the lining shields the fabric from sun damage. It also adds heft, protecting against drafts and allowing the fabric to fall more luxuriously.
  • Unlined: Though these curtains filter some light through, they’re mainly used for decorative purposes only.
  • Interlined: A common option for custom-made curtains, this type has a layer of flannel-like fabric sewn between the lining and the “face” fabric. Consider interlined curtains for maximum durability, light blockage, body, and insulation.

The room where you’ll be hanging your curtains should influence the type of texture, color, and pattern you choose. Follow the tips below for some style guidance.


Choose a textured curtain that reflects the mood of the room.  Fabric options that work with most styles are cotton, cotton blends, wool, and wool blends. See below for more examples.

  • Formal Space: A heavy silk or velvet (dry-clean only) adds to the room’s elegance. If you’re looking for a more practical (and washable) option, try silky rayon blends or cotton sateen.
  • Informal Space: For a casual feel, consider a billowy linen or crinkly crushed velvet (generally dry-clean only).


You’ll need to decide if you want the curtains to blend with the decor or pop.

  • For a subtle statement: A curtain in the same tone as your wall but a few shades darker will blend in. Or, opt for a non-dominant, subtle color in the room (such as a soft shade pulled from the rug).
  • If you want to go bolder: Try a striking curtain in a saturated color (like cobalt blue). Keep in mind that if your curtains are unlined, the colors will infuse the room.


Thinking of choosing window treatments with a print? Here’s what to keep in mind.

  • If you have patterned furniture or bedding, it’s better to stick with solid curtains. A room with lots of solid-colored furniture is just right for patterned curtains.
  • To add a touch of color, choose small neutral prints (like dots or paisley). A large graphic pattern can add drama—just be sure to choose a color that relates to the existing décor in the room.

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